Air passengers rights

Air passengers rights are being asserted ever more frequently nowadays. This is in particular due to the fact that an aircraft is seen as the most comfortable and safest means of transport. More than 1300 aeroplanes take off and land at Frankfurt Airport alone every day. With such a high level of air traffic, delays, cancellations or denied boardings are the order of the day. Have you ever had the experience of your flight being delayed by at least three hours, cancelled or not being allowed to board for any other reason?

We can help you in such cases.

According to an EU directive (261/2004), passengers have far-reaching AIR PASSENGER RIGHTS. You may be able to get € 600.00 from the airline as compensation in the event of flight delays. However, many airlines respond to the assertion of air passenger rights by private persons with boilerplate apologies and a rejection of the claim. As attorneys, we can assert your air passenger rights – both in court and out-of-court. There is no cost risk for you when commissioning us!

How can you handle delayed / canceled flights?

1. Review the claim
Review/have someone review whether you are entitled to make a claim!


2. Write a warning letter

Write to the airline and request them to pay within 21 days. Send the warning letter as a registered letter.

You can find a model warning letter for the respective airline here!


Why is this important? It is customary and required by law for the air passenger to independently contact the airline once. If this is unsuccessful, the air passenger can appoint an attorney without delay. These costs must be borne by the airline.


3. Come to us

Has the airline not paid you within the deadline set by you? Unfortunately, this is generally the case. We will now take over your case and assert your rights!


To do so, we need:

  • Booking confirmation of your flight
  • Your warning letter to the airline
  • A short description of the circumstances

First telephonic consultation is free of charge: 0221 - 589 23 880.

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